State of Change

A derecho sweeping across the Midwest, flattening homes and crops. A thunderstorm dumping 10 inches of rain over hours in Ford County. Hundreds of thousands of invasive carp in the Illinois River. Scientists say these conditions are the result of human caused climate change and it’s only getting started. Illinois is in a State of Change. Illinois Public Media environmental reporter Tinisha Spain takes a closer look at Illinois now and in the future. Production funding provided by the Backlund Charitable Trust.

State of Change examines how Illinoisans manage carbon

Carbon is a key to life on Earth. Whether its air, animals, people, plants, or water, it would not be possible without carbon. Human use of carbon means Illinois and our planet are in a State of…

Illinois is in a State of Change

Farmers are racing to protect livestock from rising heat, invasive species are on the rise, a fossil fuel debate rages, and America’s national bird is back from the brink.